Bloody Mary Red Cherry Shrimp

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Offering Bloody Mary Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina Davidi).

An intensely dark red colour morph of the cherry shrimp, bloody red Mary's are peaceful, intriguing and rewarding invertebrates, appealing to both beginner and advanced aquarists alike with their active antics.

They require clean water in established aquaria, shrimp as a species will quickly die in the presence of ammonia therefore it is important to monitor feeding quantity and bioload of other inhabitants carefully. It is recommended to provide catappa, guava, mulberry or tantora leaves as these quickly develop biofilm that shrimp will graze on, while providing antibacterial qualities.

Consider tank mates very carefully, cherry shrimp are small and often irresistible to fish even those in peaceful communities. By providing areas of cover such as plants, the chances of survival can be boosted for best results a species only tank is recommended.

These shrimp will breed once settled into their surroundings, producing many shrimplets due to their low bioload. They will not overrun aquaria like snails however, they seem to multiply within their available resources.

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