Texax Cichlid (Herichthys cyanoguttatus)

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Offering Herichthys cyanoguttatus (Texas Cichlid).

Known as the Texas or Pearl Cichlid, these fish are the only American cichlid hailing from the USA and Mexico. Easily growing to a foot in length, they are dazzlingly patterned fish, with an attitude to match. Territorial and predatory, small fish will be bullied or eaten. Aim to replicate their habitat with sandy, gravel substrate, fallen wood, leaves and vegetation to encourage their natural behaviours. Aquascaping is best avoided, as these fish will decorate the tank to their own liking via digging etc. They will accept a mixed diet, vary this with live, frozen foods for best results, along with a high quality cichlid pellet. As with all large cichlids, regular and large water changes are a must. These are sold as juvenile fish of approximately 4 cm in size.

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