Steatocranus casuarius

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Offering Steatocranus casuarius (Blockhead Cichlid).

Something of an odd African cichlid, the Blockhead, or Lionhead Cichlid as it is also known, is so named for its large bulbous head. The fish itself grows to around 3 - 4 inches, inhabiting fast flowing waters, this fish relies on its swim bladder to reduce buoyancy in strong currents, where it can be observe hopping around. Territorial in nature, it is best kept in a species set-up as it doesn't do well with other cichlids that may pose a danger to it. Diet should be varied, with commercial, live / frozen and other foods readily accepted. Aim to provide a sandy substrate, allowing these natural diggers to display their instinctive behaviours; taking care to support any large heavy objects in the aquarium that may become dislodged.

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