River Shrimps

Very high in protein River Shrimps are perfect live fish food suitable to feed all predatory freshwater and marine fish. River Shrimps are also good food for large pond fish, turtles, terrapins, amphi … read more

Thai Micro Crab

Thai Micro Crabs are also known as «false spider crabs», and their scientific name is Limnopilos naiyanetr. These are tiny, fully aquatic crabs that so far have only been found in one specific river i … read more

Atlantic Mudskipper

The Atlantic Mudskipper (Periophthalmus barbarus) - species mudskipper. This species occurs throughout most of the west African coastline, from Mauritania in the north southwards as far as Angola. Sup … read more

Cowslip Primrose

Primula veris, Common Cowslip, or Cowslip Primrose - herbaceous perennial flowering plant primrose family Primulaceae. The species is native throughout most of temperate Europe and western Asia, and a … read more

Shark Fin Mussel

The freshwater Shark Fin Mussel (Hyriopsis bialatus) known to enthusiasts as the Shark Tooth Clam, Sailfin Clam, Pearl Mussel, Shark Tooth Mussel, or Shark Fin Shell is native to Southeast Asia and mo … read more