Demanson's Cichlid (Chindongo demasoni)

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Offering Chindongo demasoni (Demanson's Cichlid) – approximately 4 - 5 cm in size.

A very popular and instantly recognisable African cichlid, the demasoni is from Lake Malawi, reaching around 3 inches in size. It's a dwarf African cichlid, with beautiful blue and dark stripes and an inquisitive personality. It will happily investigate rockwork and watch their owners, keeping an ever watchful eye for food. Being an mbuna, they are highly aggressive it's therefore recommended to keep a relatively large group of 10 or more to spread aggression, with a larger spread of females than males. Water changes are an important factor in keeping this fish successfully, otherwise they are liable to bloat. Keep a watchful eye for excessive bullying, as this can quickly create illness.

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