Coral Red Saulosi (Pseudotropheus Saulosi)

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Offering Psuedotropheus Saulosi «Coral Red» (Coral Red Saulosi Mbuna).

"Coral Red" is not found in the lake. It is a human made color variant in the aquarium conditions. An original species Chindongo saulosi is distributed in Africa, Lake Malawi, Taiwan Reef locality, north-east of Chisumulu Island. Size: 10 cm. As the fishes are relatively small they don’t need a big aquarium. They can be kept in smaller tanks, about 150 litres, but I recommend larger tanks about 200 - 250 litres with 100 cm front glass size. When the orange colour of males are changing to blue the first spawn appears. They spawn like other mouthbrooders. The male attracts the female to the selected place with a small depression in the sand. Both fishes are then swimming in a circle and releasing the eggs and sperm in T-position. After the spawn, the female stays in a secrecy for a few hours but later is swimming around the tank with other fishes. In the end of the holding period she tries to take the small particles of the food.

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