Cobue Dogtooth Cichlid(Cynotilapia afra Cobue)

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Offering Cynotilapia afra «Cobue» (Cobue Dogtooth Cichlid).

Endemic to Lake Malawi. It’s widely distributed along the northwest coast down to Ngara. Along the eastern coast it can be found between Makanjila Point and Chuanga, Lumbaulo and Ikombe, and around the islands of Chizumulu and Likoma. Belligerent and territorial. It should not be kept with peace loving species such as Peacocks or Utaka but it can be combined with other Mbuna. The tank should be overcrowded to reduce aggression and territory formation. It’s very aggressive towards others of the same species and the presence of heterospecifics helps to dissipate this. Several females should also be kept per male in order to reduce harassment.

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