Silver Dollar (Metynnis hypsauchen)

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Offering Metynnis hypsauchen (Silver Dollar).

A fast growing fish from South America, closely related to piranha and pacu, and occupying much of the same waters, they can be thought of as a vegetarian piranha due to their physical similarities and veracity. So named for their bright silver sheen and round bodies, they can reach sizes of 6 inches in diameter, being very physically impressive as they mature. They will eat many forms of vegetables and commercial foods, including your favourite aquatic plants, at a phenomenal rate. As such they are extremely greedy eaters and can compete heavily with other fish at feeding time. They require a large tank to accommodate their fast, active natures, indeed they are very skittish fish that are almost constantly moving as a defence mechanism. Unfortunately this jittery tendency can disturb other tankmates, as well as ruin an otherwise peaceful aquarium viewing experience.

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