Pristella Tetra (Pristella maxillaris)

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Offering Pristella maxillaris (X-Ray Tetra).

X-Ray Tetra display a translucent body, with clear, black, and yellow striped fins. This interesting array of colours is best appreciated in a natural aquarium setting with wood, vegetation and sand/gravel substrate with subdued lighting helping to keep fish feel secure. They are peaceful fish, growing to between 1 - 2 inches and are suitable for most community set-ups. Interestingly, it feeds mostly on crustaceans in its natural habitat; therefore frozen or live food such as daphnia can help to maintain their health and wellbeing, though they will also readily accept commercial foods such as flake. It is highly recommended to house them in groups of 8 or more, avoiding boisterous species that will outcompete them for food, such as cichlids.

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