Red Spotted Nerite Snail

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Offering Red Spotted Nerite Snail (Neritina sp.).

A highly popular freshwater snail, owing to it's dazzling shell colours and patterns and lack of reproduction in freshwater aquariums (no snail infestations!) It's care is similar to that of the better known zebra nerite snail.

It prefers temperatures around 24 degrees, though a temperature range of 3 degrees either way is entirely acceptable. It operates well as an algae eater, scavenger and attractive aquarium inhabitant perfect for tropical set-ups.

This snail tends to keep its vulnerable body mostly inside of its shell, as opposed to other common aquarium snails however it is advisable to house with peaceful inhabitants such as tetras, shrimp or larger fish that will mostly ignore their presence.

In planted tanks, these snails tend not to damage plants it is always recommended to supplement their diet with veg, algae tablets and other foods, though this isn't essential in healthy established tanks with detritus for them to scavenge on.

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