Firemouth Cichlid (Thorichthys meeki)

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Offering Thorichthys meeki (Firemouth Cichlid).

An exceptionally coloured cichlid from Central America, growing to approximately 6 inches, Firemouths are so named for their brightly coloured jaws that they flare out as displays of aggression. As cichlids go, they are more bark than bite, indeed their jaws aren't designed for fighting, and can easily become damaged in lip locking battles. They can sometimes be assimilated into community tanks with medium sized fish, but any such attempt should be monitored carefully, and small fish such as neons will become an easy meal. Aim to feed a balanced diet of flake, pellets, live or frozen foods to maintain their health and vigour, if aiming to breed, it is best to purchase a proven pair or a young group that are allowed to pair up naturally.

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