Trichogaster lalius «Blue Coral»

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Offering Trichogaster lalius «Blue Coral» (Dwarf Gourami).

Inhabiting slow moving waters in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh the dwarf gourami is a hobbyist favourite, owing to its beautiful colouration, consisting of electric blue and red patterning extending into its fins. They grow to approximately 3 inches. They appreciate heavy vegetation to replicate their natural habitat, with fresh clean water to maintain their health. Fed a balanced diet from flake, pellets, dried, live or frozen foods, they can be expected to live for 3 years or more. They can be a sensitive species with tankmates, displaying limited aggression in overcrowded tanks they will however do well with tetras and other small fish that will avoid nipping their trailing fins. Avoid larger tankmates, as dwarf gourami's are susceptible to bullying.

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