Uaru amphiacanthoides

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Offering Uaru amphiacanthoides (Uaru Cichlid).

A large cichlid growing to approximately 10 inches, from South America, Uaru are characterised by their deep, oval shaped bodies with black spot against an olive body, and orange, red eye colouration. A schooling species of cichlid, aim to keep 3/4 at least in a large tank of 450 litres or more. This fish inhabits blackwater, so recreating subdued lighting, with a lush variety of aquarium plants will help to satisfy their natural needs as well as provide food for their vegetarian eating preferences. They are known as intelligent fish, peaceful but will defend themselves from aquarium bullies if provoked! They will accept a wide variety of foods including most commercial, as well as frozen or live bloodworm. We recommend spirulina tablets to provide nutrients and bring out their body colouration. Like Discus, Uaru require closely monitored tank conditions, giving them plenty of fresh water to keep them healthy.

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