Corydoras paleatus

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Offering Corydoras paleatus (Pepper Cory).

The peppered corydoras, is an active catfish spending its time actively sifting the substrate for food morsels in aquaria. Found in South America, they have a beautiful metallic sheen gaining their name from the dark dots "peppered" around their body. A small catfish, they do well in aquariums of 50 + litres, where it is recommended to keep them in groups to allow them to express natural behaviour. With regular, small coldwater changes they may also breed with males chasing plump conditioned females relentlessly. It's advisable to keep them in soft substrates to protect their sensitive barbels, with vegetation and hiding places that they can explore fully. They will eagerly accept a wide variety of foods, including flake, pellets, vegetable based foods, and live.

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