Assorted Guppy (Males)

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Offering Assorted Guppy (Poecilia reticulata).

Known as "million fish" for the endless colour varieties bred since their introduction to fishkeepers guppies are hardy, attractive and peaceful fish, that are highly popular worldwide.

They are livebearing fish, with females able to produce up to 200 fry in one breeding cycle, though numbers of 40 - 50 are more common. Guppies are highly intriguing fish for their social interactions, including their predator inspection behaviours where they will take turns to scope out danger, and adapt accordingly, for example avoiding lower depths where predators may lie in wait.

They are unfussy omnivores, accepting flake, pellets, dried, live and/or frozen foods, a balance of which will help keep them healthy and vibrant in colour. Regular water changes are recommended to deal with bioload.

Best kept in groups of at least 10 or more, they will shoal together tightly for security; often exploring their tank environment together as part of their curious natures.

Male guppies display far more vibrant and varied colouration than females, growing to a slightly smaller size with larger finnage for displaying and attracting a mate.

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