Tiger Barb ''Albino'' (Puntigrus tetrazona)

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Offering Puntigrus tetrazona «Albino» (Albino Tiger Barb).

An aquarium favourite, albino tiger barbs have a beautiful albino colouration of pale yellow/white with vertical white bars complete with orange and clear fins. Growing to just over 2 inches, they develop beautiful diamond shaped thick bodies. Aim to keep them in groups of 12 or more with other tiger barbs, this will dissipate fin nipping and group aggression; diluting their energy amongst the group. This is an active fish, constantly playing, exploring and settling territorial disputes by mouth nipping. They can make for fantastic display fish, their combination of intriguing colours and antics making them a firm favourite amongst beginner and advanced aquarists alike. Aim to feed a balanced diet of frozen, live and commercial foods for best results, with regular clean water changes. Keep them in good health and they can be expected to live for approximately 5 years.

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